About Us
Success comes from having the right equipment for every job. Hydraulic Power Systems was founded in 1980 with that in mind, originally concentrating our efforts on the custom design and manufacture of hydraulic winch systems and augers.
After years of manufacturing hydraulic power units for HPSI’s augers and vibratory drivers/extractors built by other foundation construction equipment companies, we set out to build a better mouse trap and designed our own version of a vibratory driver/extractor in 1991, establishing us as a leader in the industry.
Today, HPSI products are hard at work serving customers in a variety of applications throughout the world. From hydraulic auger and vibratory hammer rentals to pile driving accessories including fixed and swinging lead systems, we strive to satisfy our customers with high quality, reliable, long-lasting equipment at competitive prices.
Missouri is known as the “Show-Me” state. Tell us what you need, and we’ll show you how we can provide you with quality equipment to make it happen.

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