U-shape Lead Systems

Metric Units – (centimeters)

Bolt StyleLL1L2L3WW2TCHDABWeight (p/m)Diesel Hammer
U-211.31.312.412.454.6114.378.268.688.957.210.220.3156.3 kg/mD19-42
Pin Style--------------
U- kg/mD30-32
U-329. kg/mD62-32
U-429. kg/mD138-32
U-489. kg/mD180-32

*NOTE: The Weight Per Meter varies – Short sections assembled together leads to a larger weight per meter.

  • All lead sections are interchangeable in order to permit various length combinations.
  • The leads can be furnished with side mounted auger tracks for installation of continuous flight augers (CFA).
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