Model 1200
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Model 1200

Model 1200 Exciter
Eccentric Moment (in lbs, kgm)
Dynamic Force (tons, tonnes)
Frequency (VPM)
Amplitude (in, mm) .7519.1
Pile Clamp Force (tons, KN)6005,340
Maximum Crane Pull (tons, KN)1301,161
Suspended Weight (lbs, kg)50,25022,864
Length (in, mm)1383,353
Width @ Throat (in, mm) 361,016
Height (in, mm – nominal, varies with options)1032,616
Construction Equipment Company Missouri
Power UnitUSMetric
EngineDiesel Current TierDiesel Current Tier
Power (HP, KW)1,150858
Speed (RPM)2,1002,100
Operating Pressure (PSI, BAR)5,000345
Flow (GPM, LPM)3501,320
Weight (lbs, kg)37,00016,818
Length (in, mm)2165,486
Width (in, mm)962,438
Height (in, mm – nominal, varies with options)1203,048

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