Excavator Mounted Hammers
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Exceptional clamping power and vibration suppressors provide rugged reliability for boom operators when pounding piles with an excavator. Our excavator-mounted hammers are compact, so they can be used effectively in a wide range of environments especially when the workspace is minimal in size or otherwise restricted.

HPSI Vibratory Drivers/Extractors

We’ve designed our vibratory drivers/extractors to be some of the hardest-working pieces of equipment in the industry. Durability and ease-of-use combine to provide you with the fastest way to drive or extract various pile materials with a minimal effort.

Gear Box Fabrication

Our all-steel gear boxes are put to the test after fabrication to ensure that all welds are solid and dependable.

Vibration Suppressors

Keeping vibrations minimized helps to maintain the superior quality of our vibratory drivers, as well as keeping percussion to a minimum on the job site.

Eccentric Gears

The heart of our hammers needs to be reliable and tough. We use high-quality alloy steel to ensure superior tooth strength and longevity.

Eccentric Bearings

Quality bearings keep things running smoothly to eliminate product failure downtime.

Hydraulic Motors

Exceptional quality goes into all of our hydraulic motors and pumps to provide consistent quality and maximum torque.

Clamp Housing

We have partnered with foundries that specialize in all-steel castings to provide the most durable clamp housings.

Seals and Gaskets

Environmental impact is always top of mind with our products. Our superior die-cut covers, gear case cover gaskets, and 5,000 PSI clamp seals ensure our vibratory hammers are completely free from oil leaks and can be safely used in underwater applications without worry.

Hose Bundles

Reinforced hose bundle covers resist scratching and scraping to provide exceptional flexibility and reliability.

Power Pack Units

Reliable diesel engines provide all the power you’ll need while still being stingy on fuel consumption.

Remote Controls

Keeping your workers safe is one of our primary concerns. We can supply pendant remotes that are functional up to 35 feet, or we have radio remotes available for operational effectiveness from extended distances. Remotely controls vibration, clamp, engine rpm, and emergency stop.

Sound Enclosures

Our vibratory hammers are already manufactured to provide smooth and quiet performance. However, we do have optional sound enclosures available for jobs that require an extra layer of sound dampening.

Special Applications:

  • Underwater
  • 90 degree Turning Plate
  • Lead Adapters
  • Low Headroom Clamp
  • Excavator Mounted
  • Biodegradable Hydraulic Oils
Exceptional quality goes into all of our hydraulic motors and pumps to provide consistent quality and maximum torque.
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