Vibratory Hammer Accessories
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Vibratory Hammer Accessories

Our vibratory hammer accessories are built for exceptional compatibility with all of our vibratory hammer products. No matter the job or environment in which you’ll be working, we have the accessories you need to maximize site efficiency, safety, and environmental compliance.

Universal Sheeting Clamp

For the most common pile driving/extracting applications, our universal sheeting clamps provide 200 tons of clamping force for all of our vibratory hammer models from the HPSI 200 and up.

Concrete Pile Puller

150 tons of clamping force available for a maximum of 24” concrete pile.

Wood Pile Clamp

Models 8” to 18” and 10” to 20” are available for all vibratory hammers, and are operated by 2,500 psi hydraulic cylinders.

Caisson Clamp

Available in a variety of clamping forces ranging from 35 to 150 tons. Recommended for pipe diameters of 12” to 15”.

Four Point Clamp

Standard on Models 1200, 1600, and 2000. For vibratory hammer Models 500 and lower, an accessory assembly can be made available.

Shipping Stand

For ease of shipping and convenience of storage on barges and limited-access job sites.

Turning Plate and Stringer

90 degree turning plates are available when obstructions require turning the hammer for clearance. Stringers or extensions are fabricated for contractors specialized needs.

Radio Remote Control

Available for all vibratory models. Controls vibration, clamp, engine rpm, and emergency stop.

Put our experience to work for you today. If you have other accessory needs not listed here, contact us and we’ll find you a solution.
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