Model 54-TH-113

Model 54-TH-113

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  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliant
  • Counterbalance valve braking with a secondary release brake for added safety
  • Winch speed diagram
  • Self-centering controls
  • Anti two block protection
  • Hour meter
  • Fire extinguisher
  • 54-HP water cooled diesel engine (environmentally certified)
  • Engine gauges and controls with safety shutdowns
  • 24-gallon diesel fuel tank with level indicator
  • Two-speed, operator-selectable, HI-LO winch speed system
  • Log book in weather resistant pouch
  • 86-gallon hydraulic fluid reservoir with return filter
  • Heavy duty structural steel skid with lifting bail
  • Options include engine and hydraulic oil preheater and capstan winch with speed control

Performance Specifications

Low SpeedHigh Speed
L.P. & L.S.L.P. & L.S.
Bare Drum11,330 lbs. @ 82 fpm5,670 lbs. @ 183 fpm
Average Drum8,900 lbs. @ 104 fpm4,450 lbs. @ 233 fpm
Full Drum6,920 lbs. @ 134 fpm3,460 lbs. @ 300 fpm

Storage Capacity

2,811 ft. of 3/8 inch wire rope

1,990 ft. of 7/16 inch wire rope

1,581 ft. of 1/2 inch wire rope

Meets or exceeds requirements set forth per OSHA Directive CPL 2-1.29.

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